Days Of The Dad

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Anonymous asked: You are a much more interesting, real, and well-rounded person than people who pretend they have no problems in life.

Thank you. But right now, I’d rather be one dimensional and problem free. Even if it’s for 30 seconds.

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Anon (You Know Who You Are)

I’m not back, but I need to do this.

Anon is back on. There’s no need to create fake fucking blogs to get to me. No need to harass Christina anymore. Leave her the fuck alone, you faceless fucking zero. You have something to say to me, about me, about my problems, my marriage, go the fuck ahead and ask away. I’m fucking fed up with the amount shit I have and currently swallow, but I’ll gladly take this shit away from Christina. I might deserve it, but she doesn’t. 

Call me an asshole. Call me pathetic. Tell me my wife doesn’t love me and is going to leave. Go ahead and tell me how great she is while pushing me down. What else you got? There’s nothing you can say that I haven’t thought before. Gimmie a new one to chew on you fuck. I’m waiting.

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Last Post

This will be my last post for awhile.

I feel like I’m nose deep in shit and my lifelines are too far to reach. These past weeks have been a roller coaster of mild highs and some low lows. Currently, I’m riding the lowest low. I am barely able to get out of bed in the morning, and spend the day on autopilot. My failures as a father, husband, and human being, and there are many, have caught up with me ten-fold and I am reaping the consequences. Constantly teetering between unrecognizable rage and fucking soul crushing sadness is no way to go through the day, especially considering my love for Christina and Dylan. But it’s happening anyway. It’s the love that images hurt so fucking much. The isolating feelings, terrifying future, and awful thoughts have been making my days alone with Dylan so difficult. I can’t even fake it anymore. He doesn’t deserve a father like that. Who thinks the way I do. Christina doesn’t deserve a husband like that. They are perfect in my eyes.

I am seeking help, but I fear I need much more then anyone can provide. I tried to save myself, but I couldn’t. I made things worse. I’m trying to make things better.

I need to walk away from this site because it makes me so sad. I see the things I used to write about and how I felt, and it’s so different now. I see the things a lot you guys write, and I just get jealous. I see the things Christina writes and it makes me sad. I just can’t add anymore to my eyes and heart right now. I can’t even look at Christina or Dylan without wanting to crumble to my knees. I just can’t add anything else to that feeling. 

I hope to come back sooner than later. Maybe I’ll change my mind in 10 minutes, who knows. But as of now, just imagine I’m hearting all your posts. I’m pretty sure Christina isn’t going anywhere, so I know you guys are getting the better half.

Take care of yourselves and take care each other.


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Thank You

I wanted to post a public “Thank You” to everyone for their support, comments, and messages. If you follow me and/or Christina, you know there are a lot things going on these days. Too many negatives, not enough positives. There are things I haven’t shared here that are also happening but I guess some of my recent posts have reflected that. The days are long, and the nights longer. Normally, I would bury myself in something to distract me, but this time I’m letting myself feel the flood. For better or worse, that’s what I’m doing. I’ve been spotty on Tumblr and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. Sometimes it’s hard for me to read and see some of the posts that come up, so I punch out for a bit. But despite that, many of you have showed your support and encouragement despite not knowing the full scope of the situation. That’s special, and I really appreciate it. 

Thank you all.

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Anonymous asked: You're so awesome but your "husband" is a joke.


Youre a fucking piece of shit and I hope you choke on a dick. That goes double if youre someone I talk to on a regular basis. Stick five dicks in every orifice and pump. 

Fuck you. My husband is a fucking god. 

So, messaging my wife was your next step? How’s that working out for you so far?

I get it, you’re digging on Christina and you don’t like me. But I’m wiling to bet it all and say a few anon messages trying to bring me down isn’t going to get you any closer to her, or push me further away. Your messages are the joke. You attempts at…whatever the fuck it is your trying, is the joke. Go fuck your own face. 

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My lord!!! I think something just happened in my pants! This amp is ridiculously beautiful!!! A true piece of art and music combined into one! You can bet your ass I’m going to be talking to my boss about trying to carry knobs like those!

Nothing could have prepare me for the epicness of this amp. SPEECHLESS. I genuinely will be looking at this three times a day for the next five years, it is THAT mindblowing!

All I can say is it looks like both quilted bubinga and flamed maple for the cabinets. And it is a Two-Rock!!! NOICE. If anyone has more work from these modders please post!!

Have you ever seen a more beautiful amp?!

(via guitarlust)